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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reach Records to sign Dwayne Tryumf?

rumour(what a source) has it that Lecrae and them Reach Records people(Ben Washer) could sign British Rapper Dwayne Tryumf! Yes, this is supposd to be music business but it's startin to sound n look like a football transfer saga because this issue was raised last year and then squashed and now it's come up again! well it is aid that he's relocated to Memphis, Tenessee home(unofficial?)of the Reac Records famly. With a new album just around the corner it is said that Dwayne coud release it on Reach Records although there's no assurance that is true. Let's just do what one of my favourite auntts would say about Obama ; "Wait and See"...Watch out for 777(Dwayne's soon to be released album)though. Check up Under Construction for any new ddevelopments..

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