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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bye bye January...

yeah, they call it the 1st month of the year,'s gone and if you wonder what I was up to, then I might as well let you know...
What was I listening to? hmmm...
2.20/20-Trip Lee
3.The Chop Chop-The ambassador of CMR
4.The Sound-Mary Mary
5.Life on Life-Json
6.What if We-Brandon Heath
8.Total Attention-21:03
9.WOW 2009-Various Artists
10.Simply Nothing-Shawn McDonald
11.(prob my favourite) Stefan Chega Singing!!!

I read a couple of books too!
1.The Bible (constantly!)_God
2.The Ezekiel Option_Joel Rosenberg
3.The Passion of Jesus Christ_John Piper
and movies?...let's js say the pick of the lot was Madagascar 2!!!
the most probable question is "who's askin?"but it's my blog aint it?!!(just kidding') these are just stuff I'll highly recommend to you,reading this blog...

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