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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brinson OMG Review

Label- Godchaserz Entertainment
Before September I didn’t know much about Brinson. I had heard him only a couple of times featuring on D-MAUB and Eric Cross projects. In the past two weeks I’ve learnt quite a bit and even gotten his latest album OMG (and no neither this review nor the album in question have anything to do with that annoying Usher song). He’s got this obvious southern approach yet it sounds fresh and different. Using interesting rhyme schemes, he’s got a lot of passion and he does straightforward and honest music, no strings attached, no bells and whistles; just the simple message of Christ exalted.
The production on this project is cool too, like I’ve said it’s mostly crunk that’s catchy and easy to chant along to. He’s got guys like Juice20/20 behind the boards and that’s pretty nice. The tempo ranges from very upbeat to pretty mellow tones. One interesting thing I noticed about Brinson is the fact that he seems to be a big movie fan; quite a lot of his metaphors are based on popular movie references. I guess that’s a good thing as a lot of people won’t find it hard to get what he’s saying. From the get go, Brinson gets in our faces with his blunt lead single “Don’t Rap No More”, a simple waning to any emcee alive to simply exalt Christ with his/her music or drop the mic. I like the hook on this one especially. “Green Grass” is another good song although it gives mixed feelings especially when you get to the hook as you don’t know whether to sing along or just hope the next verse starts soon. There’s “Breaking Down”, “Every Knee” and “Fully Persuaded”, tracks that what this album is about. Watch out for Knine’s verses on his guest spots, very refreshing to hear. There’s a skit that ordinarily would have turned me off but listening to it gets you amused at the humour in it (maybe I’m nuts) and even helps you appreciate good music, certainly one of a kind.
A demerit for the album was that some of the hooks and choruses put me off, they sounded a little too labored and I think Brinson should have tried putting a few more singers on the album to diversify the flavor. Still, by the time you get to the beautifully crafted Outro and eventually the Cypher you are satisfied the listening experience wasn’t a waste of time at all; more than anything else you feel encouraged. If you’re looking for good music that lifts our Lord Jesus then Brinson is the man for you. Much like David was a man after God’s heart is truly and aptly styled a God chaser. Don’t hesitate cop this album ASAP.