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Friday, October 1, 2010

Rhema Soul Fingerprints Review

Label- Good City Music
Fingerprints as defined by Webster’s Dictionary; “the impression of a fingertip on any surface… for the purpose of identification or something that identifies one, as either a trace or character revealing origin or the analytical evidence that characterizes an object or substance”
Yes, that’s what the Rhema Soul trio called their third studio project and aptly so seeing how the album bears that artistic signature we’ve come to love. An album that employs the use of some very sick beats and verses (reminiscent of their Good News Dope Beats EP) to give an honest and refreshing account of all the marks they’ve left on life and vice versa. Practically a breath taker from start to finish, Fingerprints is a 15 track offering that features the ever impressive production skills of G-styles (if you’re into Christian Rap as much as you should, you’ll know him well enough) and I honestly wonder why(with a mischievous grin on my face) the album wasn’t just called “G-Styles’ Fingerprints!!!
Kicking off with an intro that has G-styles showing off his vocal prowess singing (and autotuning) away! This is the kind of album you want to bump from the car stereo or in class or to your Mama (like me!). From the unapologetic “Never Lay Low” to “Sky’s not the Limit” there’s that general feel of a challenge to take your place in God’s plan being thrown across. There’s more from the seemingly endless supply of bangers on this one, with different flavors too, the very easy to relate to “Fly Away” (which Rapzilla touts as video of the year by the way), the title track “Fingerprints” and “Blow Your Whistle” are anthems that urge us to go against the grain and be who you are by God’s standards. We also have “Let Me Live” speaking against the incessant “beefing” and division that exists on the rap scene, then there is one song that I liked but for the life of me couldn’t figure out what the song was about, “Shorty’s Lost” another song that had G-styles crooning (in autotune nonetheless). Maybe it’s just a case of cultural differences me being Nigerian and all but I still couldn’t grasp the idea after listening to the song over and over again. That being said, this album’s strengths can’t be overemphasized when you consider the quality production, the explicitly on point verses and the fact that there’s just one featured artist, Eddie Nigma (whose verse on “Sky’s The Limit” is just criminal, in a good way of course). Then consider that the trio of K-nuff, Juanlove and Butta P (in my opinion the best female rapper presently) has this awesome chemistry and everyone brings something concrete to the table and you’ll just be swept away by the Fingerprints project. Very few groups can pull this kind of thing off (think the Black Eyed Peas before Fergie) but they did, and so gracefully too!
Without flogging a dead horse, Fingerprints is a must listen, whether you want Dope Beats, Good News or both (pun intended). A solid 4.5 star fingerprint that’ll be hard to wipe off…


  1. Aaaah! This is cool! A Gospel hip hop super freak! Nycee! And i thot we were an endangered species!!!!!!!!!!! Nice review man!

  2. i love 'shory's lost'! didn't get the song @ first bt i think its basically how a guy shld love(emphasis on love) and how a girl should see herself...

  3. @Dr Santky thanx fam....
    @Isoken....hmmm,true,thx for opening my eyes