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Thursday, October 7, 2010

PRo Redemption Review

Label – Reflection Music Group
Redemption is an apt title for an album, not only because of itself but also because of the man behind the album. Derek Johnson aka PRo is a man who knows all about mistakes being given an opportunity to “right his wrongs”. I’d heard some chatter about him approaching the Christian rap scene with a sort of bad attitude which eventually brought some animosity his way but a few years on, associating with the right people and adjusting that attitude has made a different person entirely. Personally I’d shrugged him off after listening to “Shut ‘em Down” from his Blackout album but he’s definitely taken it up several notches since then. He released a single “I’m Sorry” which pretty much over and then he’s been a guest on so many albums recently and impressed so much so it was only normal to expect this album to be cool.
Redemption is themed on its title, an album that analyses how God reached out and saved an undeserving specie called man, an album that PRo threw his all into and got some nice results in return. It’s got this nice crunk flavor that is definitely going be felt by a lot of people and at the same time is not too generic. In fact if I didn’t know any better I’d say this was a Reach Records release! With beats from guys like D-flow and K-drama it’s an album that’ll please the ears. It’s also got quite a lot of songs (20 of them). Songs like “Merked”, “Slave to You”, “Murder Swag” and “Power to Die” all have a nice “kill the flesh” ring to them while keeping us aware of God’s grace and mercy to do so. There are some pretty personal songs like “I Want to Know” and then there’s the standout song “Clear the Air” with Mr “Christian Rap” himself, Lecrae, a song that puts to bed all the erstwhile controversial comparisons between PRo and Lecrae.
Evidently hanging with BJ Thomas and the rest of the Reach crew has spawned dividends of epic proportions and it just goes to show how integral fellowship is to the Body of Christ. I must point out that as good as this album is there’s still a lot of room left for PRo to grow. Yes we all love comebacks but it has to be said that this album might have to grow on some and for others it’s not an album they’ll dwell too much on but whatever you position is it’s a decent 3.5 star effort in my opinion. Beyond all that it’s beautiful to witness such a great testimony in my lifetime…