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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Outtadisworld Everyday Process Review

Everyday Process-Outtadisworld
Label-Cross Movement Records
C.S. Lewis (The great man who gave us Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity and much more)once wrote “if we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we are made for another world”. True? I guess so, my neighbour says that’s just hedonism and all I asked was “are we not all hedonists?” hence our dire need for Jesus. That C.S. Lewis quote is the first thing you hear in this robotic/futuristic voice on the freshest Everyday Process album Outtadisworld. And just in case you’re wondering neither the Cross Movement rappers nor my humble self have forgotten how to spell.
This album came out in late 2009 two years after their debut album and I must say it is more than awesome!! These two hard hitting cats from Philadelphia have given us an expository account of living an alien concept as far as the world is concerned, Christianity. Much like their first effort this album is just a grand slam! Refusing to be put in a box, they’ve given us a versatile/futuristic sounding album. Each song is the type that get’s you asking yourself if you are behaving like the “alien” you are or you’re just blending in with popular culture. With a style you can’t exactly brand apart from calling it the “Everyday Process sound” this is an album that has everything from techno beats to r n’ b beats, witty punchlines, scriptural admonitions and most of all the type of thing that David did and got God head over heels for him… Praise!
Right after the C.S. Lewis quote the first song “Invasion” has EP saying “I’m so left that I aint right” and that’s pretty much the concept throughout the album, they basically present the same message in different lights. It’s either the poignant “Against the Grain” or the nostalgic “Freak” (a sort of hip hop rendition of the dc talk Jesusfreak concept). From the techno inspired “I Don’t Belong” to the laid back, soothing and R n’ B influenced “Make You Smile” it’s just a case of beautiful rendition after beautiful rendition. Iz-real and Mac the Doulos do more than hold it down on the project and make an offering that will be loved by the average music fan and the hip hop head alike.
Of course like most albums there are lead tracks and to mention a couple the adoration drenched “Jesus Pride” is one, an anthem of sorts, this joint just outlines a bunch of attributes our Lord has without a hook or pause for air leaving you in a state of goose pimples and smiles as you attempt to visualize all that’s being said. I mean Mac the Doulos starts off by saying “Jesus is preeminent that means He’s supreme…” and ends with “…He killed death and shook it off/brushed His shoulders off and said look I’m Boss!” get the picture? Another one is “Fire” an ode to Jeremiah and not being able to hold back God’s message because the fire’s just too much (like third degree heat to the bones to be exact) and you could easily get consumed. Take note of the effortless delivery on this song along with witty metaphors for example “I’m powered by The Son like solar/… you can’t find the depth of His Love using sonar…” or “I tried to keep silent like mute man/but that was fire to the bone marrow like fusion…” how about “No longer like the X man but still they call me mutant…”? Classic stuff I tell you.
Are there any drawbacks? Believe it or not the only one I can think off is just as you’re getting amped on the message they are spitting you hear “Bye Bye” and “The Saga Continues” songs signalling the end and you’re probably thinking it’s a joke, but it’s true, the album’s too short! Such is the quality within this project. It’s been quite a while since I heard an album and wished it was a little longer (you’d probably have to go as far back as 116 Clique’s Amped!!!) but I guess the brevity is deliberate, so you don’t bite much more than you can/should chew.
This is truly a keeper, primarily for the message and then because it’s different from what is obtainable in Christian hip hop today, and not just different but unique!! To sum it all up all I can just tell you is this album is what they say it is… Outtadisworld!

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