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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it's The GOD in me!

okay folks,I've been gone for a while I know but I'm back!!!!How was Easter?
Today I'm focusing on 1 of my fave(but controversial songs),Mary Mary's God in Me. The video is finally out but with some touchy issues attached. Yes the lyrics of the song seem to have too much swag n all but there's a bottom line message of God being the source of everything "good"(in this case material stuff) of course there's a thin line between pride and gratitude in this case but I personally see the song as a God pointer.
So what's wrong with the video?well we've got peeps like Kanye West and Common in it,hmmmm.....what's happening?'cause if we remember the album's weakest song(arguably) had erm...David Banner on it.Seems like bait to draw out Elder Craig Lewis right?well I won't say anything for now 'cause it's said that in the video only the "gospel" folks like Kiki Sheard,Isreal Houghton,and of course the Campbell Sisters themselves were on stage while the "other" folks including Heavy D and David Banner were not.Moral,Christians are above non-christians?hmmmmm...
Another argument is that this LOST folks need help,so the sisters extended some the Jesus way(remember Mary Magdalene?)
Don't wanna judge nobody but i just hope nobody goes astray thinkin we as Christians endorse these kinda secular artists....lemme know what you think,say something,leave a comment...
Yo' Boi
P.s other cool videos are ot like Lecrae's Don't Waste Your Life and Jahaziel's In My Neghbourhood


  1. Seen the video...WHAT WAS THAT all about? I had a better concept all planned out!