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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Sound Of Good Music

Everybody listens to the radio @ one point or the other right? Well another puzzling question is “what the heck are we listening to?”… Enter MaryMary and The Sound, awesome radio station, awesome hits, and awesome listening experience… yeah all this blabbing happens to be about the concept behind MaryMary’s latest effort, The Sound. Just for the record this album got a couple of Grammy nominations and one of the singles duly won (Recognize!!!). Of course the concept behind it is nothing short of one in a million, an album that is supposedly the playlist of an imaginary radio station (Mind Block Radio) and in stark contrast to the station’s name this album has the same effect as dynamite on the mind, it’s just one big mind opener! How/Why? For one we’ve never heard the Campbell Sisters sing like this, Crunk, Funk, (whatever you want to call it) they’ve gone ahead and re-defined contemporary gospel music, and the guests on the station? Kierra Kikki Sheard , Marvin Winans just to mention a couple.
I’ve been hooked on this album and I think I’m even beginning to annoy my roommates! But trust me you can’t resist The Sound!!! The Sound is … The Sound (what more can I say?) in my opinion any female singer looking for a sorta standard shouldn’t look too far, the arrow points at “the two Marys” who by the way seemingly gave us a sneak preview of their new prowess when they took out the bridge on Deitrick Haddon’s “Love Him like I Do”. Like I said I’ve really bugged my roommates with this album and I feel you too should get accustomed to The Sound….

Favorite Jams? Get Up, I’m Running, I Worship You, God In Me, Seattle.


  1. The Sound is a very entertaining album but it aint ministering 2 me

  2. ok?...aint ministering to you?I kinda hav a completely different view cos songs like God in Me,I'm Running,Get up and em...I Worship You hit me hard!!!