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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ever Wondered Where Plus One Went?

Well I did….. And I still do wonder from time to time. I mean, this is one group that underwent a complete metamorphosis from sweetheart boy band to (almost) heavy metal rock band, from pop to rock, from boys to (young) men. Dunno if I’m the only one that feels this way but it seemed to me like a father watching his kids grow. Proof? The all too obvious variation in sounds(and even themes) between their 1st album and their last (to the best of my knowledge) Exodus. Of course (like most groups) a couple of ‘em left, there were a few additions, and then their look, their sound and even their orientation changed! The truth remains though, that there’s a huge similarity to those secular boy bands we all loved once (shamefully some of us still do!) who at 1st used to belt out bumpy jam after bumpy jam alongside mushy jams but as time went on, resorted to crooning soft, “deep” and I daresay mature ballads( Backstreet Boys for example).
If you can remember songs like Soul Tattoo, I Don’t Care, Camouflage and the like, you’ll certainly agree that they don’t in any way sound like the songs that were on Exodus, say Circle, Poor Man, Exodus. Don’t get distracted though, the question is actually where are they? Because it’s been at least 3 years since they dropped Exodus, the question should probably be accompanied by another one that goes “are they preparing for something big?” are they about to hit us with something far better to further cement their “rock band status”? Well don’t worry; I’m on it (Who send me?)
We’ll soon hear something new about them on Under Construction. Sadly that's not true cause I hear they parted ways with each other and are now following different endeavours!Two of them have since formed a new Rick band called Castledoor(Gabe combs and Nate Cole) sad huh?probably,.... Meanwhile lemme recommend Falling Up’s Dawn Escapes while you wait for the glorious return of Plus One.

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